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Posted almost 3 years ago by Sonja Lusignan

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Sonja Lusignan

Good afternoon,

I've been using this PDF program for about a year and I really like it. I have just started using Copernic.

Is Nuance PDF searchable by Copernic?

I would love feedback thank you :-)


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joanne foley posted over 2 years ago

How about Nitro pdf? Those documents don't seem to be coming up, just Adobe. I would think that it would be looking for the file extension rather than a brand.

All my Nitro docs are editable, or I run OCR conversion, but Copernic hasn't picked up any Nitro .pdf docs.

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Larry Edwards posted almost 3 years ago

Some PDF files have security settings that I think block indexing. If I receive a PDF file in which I can't cut and paste text, that is a sign of the file being locked. I run the program  PDFKey-Pro on it from the right-click menu. It takes maybe 5 seconds, and makes a new file with "(unlocked)" appended to the filename. That will always work for indexing with CDS.

If you wish you can check the file's Properties>Security items before and after to see what settings were changed.

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Kenneth Elliott posted almost 3 years ago


Would the unique text identifying the pdf  image suffice? I have Kofax (successor to Nuance for the PaperPort and OCR Nuance platforms)  PaperPort 14.7. The All-in-One Index included with the PaperPort software is much slower and Copernic would be preferred if you offered the service.

To Sonja: There is software available that will allow you to make your pdf files searchable. Nuance may have that as part of the PaperPort suite.

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Mirco Persechino posted almost 3 years ago

Hi Sonja,

As Duane replied, any PDF program must be compatible with the PDF standards. So Copernic will be able to index those PDF files.

However, you must make sure that the PDF is not an image (like a scanned document) because text will not be detected and indexed inside the documents unless you have the OCR extension package.

Hope it helps!

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Duane Moore posted almost 3 years ago

I assume you are not talking about the Nuance PDF reader.  Any PDF producing program must be compatible with Adobe PDF standards.  That means that Copernic will, by default, index it. 

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