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How to make newly added files jump the queue?

 I am two weeks into a complete re-indexing, which is still on-going.

New files that I added to my "working" directory are not showing up in the index yet, and are apparently somewhere at the bottom of the queue list.

I presume that CDS takes note of newly added,  modified or moved files.  But I am unable find, with a CDS search, such files that I have recently done such operations on. Is there a setting to make CDS index files as soon as they are added, modified or moved -- that is, to "jump the queue" of an index building or updating that is already under way?

(Concerning my "working" directory in particular, a week ago I gave it priority for indexing, but the instructions say the priority doesn't kick in until the next index update. So that isn't helping in my situation.)

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Here is a screenshot to illustrate the problem. It shows an @All search for all the files in my index. The oldest indexed file is from five days ago, August 24. However, I created or added a at least 200 files since then. None of those have been indexed.

But files a user adds, creates, modifies, moves or deletes should be given an immediate priority  for indexing -- at least that is my opinion, and I think it makes sense.

Is there any answer to this question? This has been an ongoing issue for me. Recent files are rarely shown. I have about 1.4 million files and it takes days to even do an index update. I'm not sure why that takes so long. Reindexing takes several weeks minimum.


If the files are added, modified, moved or deleted, Copernic Desktop Search will automatically add those recent modified files in the queue but only if it is running in the background while those modifications are made.

If the queue is still attempting to create initial index, or performing index update on demand, it might take a while for the new modifications to appear. I would suggest to let CDS finish its indexing and therefore look for recent changes to see if they're properly made in the index.

You can also setup an index priority per folder.

Thanks for the clarification Max.

Because as Max noted above, "Copernic Desktop Search will automatically add those recent modified files in the queue but only if it is running in the background while those modifications are made", an important feature that Copernic should add to CDS is the ability for the User to right-click (in a file manager) on a folder and direct CDS to immediately index (ahead of any other indexing tasks) the selected folder.

I note in the forums here that a number of other CDS users have asked for this feature.

Hi Larry

Actually, you do have that option in CDS. If you right click on a folder in Windows, you have a contextual menu to index that folder in priority.

The "index in priority" feature is not what's being asked for. What's needed is for the user to be able to command CDS to index the folder "right now".

As explained in the online Help about the Index-in-Priority feature:  "Important: It doesn't mean that those files will be immediately indexed. The indexing process will still continue indexing files and folders that are already in the queue ..."

Hi Larry,

Sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes of course the "index now" would be a great add-on. I think it already in the development logbook for future improvements but i'll pass it on again :)

Thanks for your comments!

That's encouraging. Thank you, Max.

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