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CDS and SSDs

Currently CDS writes a temporary file 'CCLDiskBuffer-17664-483-0000000034CED428' to


With the use of SSDs at the primary disk, this causes an extreme amount of writes to the SSD, seriously decreasing its life span. My SSD went down to 27% health in less than a year, should last at least four or five years. Several months ago I moved my user temp files to a physical HDD. SSD life has remained at 27% since then.

Request CDS have an option to relocate CCLDDiskBuffer files to another location.

Jim Lytle




Hi James,

I just created a ticket for you and we will take note of the feature request for future improvements. Thanks for your suggestion!

An update.

I recently had several system issues and the last time I rebooted, CDS couldn't find the index. I ended up with recreating the index. After that there were not any more issues with CDS constantly writing a CLLDiskBuffer file. It only writes occasionaly.

Apparently there was some kind of index corruption. It would be good to have this in the knowledge base should it happen to someone else.


same problem here. After rebooting CDS cannot find the Index. Any solution yet?

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