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Posted about 4 years ago by Mirco Persechino

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Mirco Persechino

Hi everyone,

We're pleased to launch our new customer portal in order to help our users finding solutions quickly.

The portal group all our previous knowledge base and online help together with an advaned search bar and feedbacks for each articles. It also group our new community forum and support ticket.

  • Knowledge base and help articles are available for everyone without any registration.
  • Community forum is also available for everyone to see posts, but will require an account in order to create new posts or new topics.
  • Support tickets will now require an account but you'll now be able to track all your tickets at the same place. However, tickets sent before march 21st, 2020 will not be seen in this portal since we moved to a new platform.

You're welcome to sign-up for a free Copernic Support account here in order to stay in touch with us!

Coming up in the next few months, we will be posting videos in the solutions in order to help customers using their Copernic Desktop Search or Copernic Search Server products.

Feel free to send us any feedbacks about this new customer portal as we will work hard to regularly add new solutions. Your satisfaction is our priority :-)

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Mirco Persechino posted about 4 years ago

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your comments! Exactly, that's why we launched this new community forum and we hope many users will contribute just like you! :-)

I'm glad to see you're a long-time user and I appreciate to see that our community can be useful.

Have a nice day!

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Kevin Ericson posted about 4 years ago

Outstanding! Kudos!

Before this forum was created you were limited to getting information from Copernic as to how to accomplish some task. Now, with a forum we can also tap into how the END USER is using the program and all the tricks they learned over time. Some, like me have been using CDS for well over a decade ferreting out information from gigs, and gigs, and gigs of data.

There's tricks to be learned from the user community, I assure you!

- Kevin

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