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CDS should keep an easily accessible log of files it cannot index

 CDS should keep a list of files it was unable to index, so the user can seek to solve the problems with them. As it is, CDS will try futilely to index these files every time the index is updated.

The list should include the full pathname.

A good way to access the list would be a new menu item:  Tools > Unindexable files

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I agree.  The list mentioned by the OP should exist to prevent CDS from trying to index again unless the file has been modified.  The list should also be printable or exportable in a human-readable format.

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Anyway to see which files / emails were not index, so as to remove or update them would be great.

One addition to this request.

It turned out that I have a fair amount of very large PDF files in my document archive which are password-protected from copying contents.  Maybe CDS is right in refusing to index such files.

But why on Earth it attempts to reindex them on every index update? They have not changed, so the result is kinda predictable. However, such attempts take a lot of time and slow down index updates considerably.

IMHO, it would be wise to distinguish between temporary (e.g. read errors) and permanent (such as this password protection) indexing failures, and exclude files with the latter from further reindexing.

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I agree completely. 

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I would like to see what sorts of data are indexable and what are already indexed and what not.

After indexing a couple of hours I did not make much advance and I cannot see what has been indexed already.

The extensions relate to Windows Office, but I am using LibreOffice and do not know if this is accepted.

I feel very underinformed.  I wanted to index a couple of data, but I can't because there is no filter for that.

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