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Linux Regular Expression (RegEx) syntax integration

 Hello Everyone,

Maybe I'm missing something obvious. Can someone show me what search would be necessary to find files like these in one search statement? I'll use Linux regular expression syntax to indicate what I'm trying to find, since I'm more familiar with that syntax. When I use Open Source search tools that support Linux Regular Expression syntax this search works perfectly.

^[0-2][0-9] *.mp3

In English, this is "All files that begin with 0, 1, or 2 followed by a 0 through 9 followed by "zero or more" spaces followed by a period followed by "mp3".

CopernicSearch is a great tool in many ways but my version doesn't support Linux-type Regular Expressions. I wonder if the latest versions do. This is quite a short-coming IMO if you're very technical and understand Linux RegEx.

Hi @FL Yong

No it is not supported for the moment. As you can see here there are a couple users asking for it. We'll let you know if we plan on adding it in a future update.

Hi, may I understand if regex is currently supported in Desktop Search tool now? 

Great minds think alike. I already found, installed, and used Everything. It's pretty amazing for searching for file names. Thanks!

Max L.  

  If all you want is to search for files (not contents of the files) get the free program Everything by   It uses regular expressions and has many very useful features.

  If you need to search contents with regular expressions, try PowerGrep ---- not free.



Hi Steve,

I had a look at your request with our development team and regex (regular expressions) aren't supported yet in Copernic Desktop Search.
We've logged the feature request to our product development team so it could be considered in a future development.
Apologies on the same.
Best Regards,

Hi Steve!

Thanks for reaching out on our new community forum!

I'm not really sure if we support Linux Regular Expressions syntax right now, but i'll have it checked by our development team. 

I created a ticket for you on that matter, we'll be in touch with you shortly.


Kind regards,

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