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Posted over 3 years ago by Kevin Ericson

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Kevin Ericson

 Did some searching on the Copernic web site for that term and got zero hits. Yet... there's that phrase that just recently cropped up under Tools->Options->Files.

Way over to the right is a new column with a check box option for "Index in priority". Hmmm.... intriguing. I can imagine what it does but no "official" documentation on it's use.

Perhaps our new forum moderator can elaborate on that option. I'd hate to have to waterboard him so early in this forums existence! <lol> 

I'm experimenting with it now and should prove to be darn handy if it does what I think it does.

- Kevin

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Larry Edwards posted over 3 years ago

How can I suspend and on-going index update?

Updating my index takes several days. I just set the priority checkmark for a particular folder, and I wish to suspend the on-going update so that the priority will take effect without delay.

Is there presently a way to suspend and update, and if not can this feature be added in the next version?

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Mirco Persechino posted over 3 years ago

Hi Kevin,

Yes, you're right, it is a recent option integrated in Copernic Desktop Search. We haven't finalized the official knowledge article about it yet.

It does put a priority in the indexing queue for those folders you know are frequently updated with new files and modified files. You can set that option after installing to force CDS indexing those folders first. If the option is set after initial indexing, it will put the priority when an index update is launched (manually or automatically according to the other options).

I'll make sure we finish the knowledge article as soon as possible to add some details to this option.


Kind regards,

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