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Performance slow

 Hello all,

I have been tasked over the last several months to do a major search and to find the right program to do it. I have tried a handful of them out there free/open or as trials but all of them have had issues with speed or not able to perform searches as it has been requested. I just recently tried Autopsy, really nice but no search operators and it seems to have overworked the external drive and broke it (lol).

Due to all these issues I transferred all the data to one of my physical Lab server which is an old Dell Poweredge 710 server.  This is much more capable than then desktop and the laptop I was using before.
System Spec:
-TWO (2) x Intel Xeon CPU E5620 @ 2.40GHz (4 cores each cpu/8 total/16 total logical)
-2 x hard drives setup as RAID 0 specifically for this data to double read/write

Copernic im finding very slow on the index, pretty much the same as on a mid range laptop. Initially I loaded the entire system drives (C:) but since it was taking so long I only included the C:\users folder from each system (about 1.5mil files) and loaded 150GB across 20 PST files.

Its been almost a week of Copernic running and it has been indexing the PST files so far and it has only made it to 140k index. I went through every performance setting and also it is running in unrestricted mode. I see that Copernic will use at most 10-15% of the CPU and memory is 15GB used of 144GB.

Is this all that the software is capable of or is there something I am doing wrong? I did buy a license for use on my bosses computer but I am running this specific install as a Trial before committing to it. Is the Trial the cause? I was sure I read it was fully functional.

Any help is appreciated.


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