I really miss the NEAR feature

Posted over 3 years ago by Larry Edwards

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Larry Edwards

 I really miss the NEAR feature, which I used frequently when it was available. Is it possible to have it back?

I think it was dropped during a move to a new kind of database for the CDS index.

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Larry Edwards posted about 2 years ago

Thank you, Copernic, for improvements made to the NEAR function in February 2022.

"Search containing phrases is now supported ("Word1 Word2" NEAR Word3)".

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Luc G.

Luc G. posted over 3 years ago

In Copernic Desktop search, we support most of the search operators:

Refine a search with search operators

Please note that certain characters are ignored by CDS, and thus considered as white spaces such as (*) asterisk.

You cannot search for example *.pdf in the keyword search to display all pdf files. However, you can go in the refine section to type .pdf, and search for * sign, then you will have that same result will all .pdf files displayed.

You can also use our indexed properties to search directly in keyword box. For example: @extension=pdf or @keywords=abcd to search for files.

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