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Exclude specific folder name while indexing


It would be very nice that I can exclude specific folder names while indexing. For example, I'm indexing a folder where my python projects are saved. There are sub folders with the name "venv" which contain python library files which I don't want to index. I had this feature in "X1 Search", which was very useful for me.

CDS already has that feature.  Go to Tools > Options > Files.  Then Add the  folder you want to exclude. Then click in the Index Action column of the listing at click Skip All or Skip Subfolders.  If you do want to index one of its subfolders, make a separate entry for that one, and set it to Folders and Subfolders.

Hi Larry,

Thank you for your Reply. Is there also a way to use wild card to exclude specific subfolder like the following?


I have a lot of "venv" folders to manually exclude.

I think that is one for the new features wish list.  (Have you found that part of this forum?)  Also, the clumsy method of browsing should be replaced, so one doesn't have to start from MyComputer repeatedly (clickable memory of where was a moment ago would be really helpful)

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