How to index files without a file extension?

Posted over 1 year ago by Arbeleg Eru

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Arbeleg Eru

Hi everyone, I'm new to CDS, just installed on a Windows 10 PC. I have a directory of files from an obsolete messaging app that do not have file extensions at all. The files are named with a random block of characters like "A7UHE" "PJN1T" and so on. There is no dot at the end of the filename. I would like all files that do not have an extension to be indexed like they were text files. How can I tell CDS to index files without a file extension? 

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geoffrey rugg posted over 1 year ago

Same question, different reason. As Google searches are limited in scope and number of results, we download hundreds of specific websites to search directly ourselves. Unfortunately today many html files on servers no longer have extensions. I have thousands of such files locally stored and need Copernic to index them. Need help here Copernic authors...

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