Adobe Lightroom updated and my catalog is gone1

Posted 9 months ago by Sandra Edwards

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Sandra Edwards

Does anyone have skills in using Copernic to find a Lightroom catalog that disappeared? Normally it is what was opened last, and it shows the last several. When Creative Cloud auto updated, it said the catalog was going to have to get updated, and the new one contains should have over 500 photos in it.  

The file extension is .lrcat  and it will contain images from my last dive trip, dated CR2 images with names like  _MG_4523 not knowing the name of this catalog for sure, my thought is that a dive I did on August 17 with the Import into the PC  date in the metadata of each cr file--should be able to be SEEN by Copernic inside the library that IMPORTED this image into it. This is a huge distinction between this lrcat and the 70 or so others I have....and yes, I should not have so many....that get's fixed next as I will be putting all of the functional ones into one large one...probably 10 good library catalogs to one. 

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