Happy birthday Copernic Portal - It's been over a year now!

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Mirco Persechino

Hello everyone,

It's been more than a year now that we launched the Copernic customer portal with the forum, extended knowledge base and now videos are included in some articles and we will continue to do so.

But I would like to know your thoughts about the Copernic Portal!

Do you like it? Is it easy enough to use?

What would you improve in this community portal?

We know that getting an answer is important when you have a question about using your Copernic software.

We would love to hear your comments and suggestions about this as we're always in a search to improve our services.


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research@alions.org publiés environ 2 ans il y a

and concerning Copernic software is probably named after Nicolaus Copernicus, polish, born in Poland, with lacking od polish language support in aplication, I am attaching - 

as a birthday symbolic gift a graphic, which shows Napoleon Bonaparte in 1812 visiting Copernicus house in Torun, Poland. 

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research@alions.org publiés environ 2 ans il y a

I was reviewing Copernic software features described on this site, wondering if such application could be beneficial for my researches (much interdisciplinary and confusing in classification, multiplicity of non-easily classified and searched sources, hardness of determining efficient keywords etc.etc.; many medias (externals hdd, books in image-collection format or bitmaps in pdf's, ebooks formats including encrypted ones; online resources, emails without proper title and lacking easy labelling, last but not least huge visual library, including flickr photostreams, photographs private galeries in many formats - and curcial is finding a way of searching not only image common attributes, but some inter-textual and visual connections, too..).

If  Anyone  are curious about what kind of researches might bring that kind of challenges, I will be happy to describe more detaily the framework and content, but I don't want to disturb You in that message by more then permitable inquiry longitude (and my websites are under general re-construction at the moment, co I could'nt link to any till Spring'22).

So, I just tell in one paragraph , that one of two main current researches (finalizing many yrs-long projects), centers on: symbolical meanings, creative imaging and visual interpretations, with connection to psychology, new kind of information and communication, especially pareidolia and precognitions, predictions and synchronicity. It is multidisciplinary study throughout deep psychology, cognitive sciences, semiotics, creative arts and esthethics theories, comparative religon and mythology, modern para-psychology, spirituality and esoterics (which one are especially hard to employ and intersearch and hidden in many not digital or hardly digitalised sources).

The theoretical results and practical applications consist of possible innovative value in cognitive - episteomological areas and ontology (metaphysics, reality theories, bounduaries of human cognito, new more refined theories of such fundamental quality, like theories of truth, theory of values and in ethics; with practical applications in applied psychology and psychotherapy, interpersonal and pushing the borders of cross-cultural and non-verbal communications, better predictions, refined creative arts and creative process, new tools of reasoning and visualising etc.etc.

Marat Dakunin






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Craig Covey publiés sur 2 ans il y a

My email address may have been different back then, although my profile web address existed.  I also used a hotmail account, an AOL account, and one from the cable company (which I cannot even recall the name of) at the time.  

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Craig Covey publiés sur 2 ans il y a

Years ago, I bought a copy of the Copernic web search program.  It worked very well for a long time, then the Google search engine disappeared.  Copernic gave me instructions then to change a setting (cannot remember details) which modified the search source and added Google back in.  Again, all was outstanding.  Due to one of the many times Microsoft updated/crashed Windows, I lost all that information (registration, Google change instructions, etc) until recently when I got Windows 11.  Trying to find various utilities on some of my old DVDs, I found a backup installation program for Copernic web search; only to discover that it doesn't get any results any more.  A web search for the reason (thinking I had configured something incorrectly) tells me that Copernic killed the program about 7 years ago.

Now I don't mind paying for it again (since I lost the registration info ages ago), but not if it doesn't work.  Is there something I can do to regain its functionality and do your records (assuming you have some that go back 20 years or more since I bought it) have my old registration info?

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