Limiting the search to a folder or a drive

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Fouad Khalaf Mohamed

I konw the file or the text I am looking for exists in a specific big folder. I want to limit the search for the keyword or the text to this folder not in the whole computer.

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Larry Edwards publiés environ 1 an il y a

A related feature many have been requesting for years (and which I desperately need), is the ability to immediately re-index a selected folder. A search in a browsed-to system folder won't find the needed file if the file has not yet been indexed. This re-indexing could best be done from the right-click menu within any file manager program -- if Copernic will provide that feature.

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Larry Edwards publiés environ 1 an il y a

If you select one on of the search type tabs for All, Files, Pictures, Music or Videos (but not email or chat), the the last search field in the left side pane is "System Folder".  Click in that field and then select Browse from the drop-down menu, and you will get a screen for selecting the folder you want to search in.

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