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Invalid License Keys

 On booting my computer I get a panel that says 'Invalid License Keys'.  As I have recently renewed my subscription, I import the saved .lic file and the panel goes away, only to reappear next time I boot.  what is happening?


If you have this issue appearing stating that an error occured with one or more of your licenses, it may just means that the license server wasn't able to validate your license at a specific time. Just click on the refresh button and it should now be able to validate your license and let you continue using your extensions. 

It shouldn't remove anything from your index unless the validation stay on an error state

BJ je n'ai pas mon N° de licence merci de me le transmettre pour installer le produit

il me manque mon n ° de licence merci de me le transmettre

 I have purchased four licenses with 6 seats at the moment, and the yearly renewal disaster ist worse than ever. Even if a computer has accepted the renewal, there is no guarantee that it will refuse to work upon next reboot: "Some license keys have expired or are in an invalid state", "Maximum number of authentications exceeded". There is no remedy on side of the customer, you always have to email and wait, until you can go on with your work.

Reliable software does not behave like this. Very disappointing; I am sorry for the help desk staff.

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