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Posted 5 months ago by Peter McDonald

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Peter McDonald

I purchased a one year subscription to Copernic Desktop four months ago. I have just purchased a new laptop & running Windows 10. I followed the instructions to transfer the license by uninstalling Copernic on my old laptop before installing Copernic on my new laptop. When I try to import the license file I get the error message "authentications count exceeded". This occurred the first time I tried to import the license file on my new laptop. Is there a workaround you can give me for this problem? In the meantime I have zero Copernic search capability - which I need for my work.

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Amy Renaud

Amy Renaud posted 2 months ago Admin

I see Tony had responded privately to the original ticket. I have included his response below: 

Your license package has been adjusted. You should now be able to register properly.

Your license file needs to be imported into Copernic so please go to Extensions / Licenses in the menu. Once inside the Extensions Tab, please click on Import license file, and select your license file.

For queries related to specific situations, you may reach out to our Support Team at

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Philip John posted 2 months ago

Just received my new license key and I get the same message. Why has no response been given to the previous message?

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