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transfer license

I had to rebuild my laptop. I want to reinstall Copernic and use my current license which is ************** I can't figure out how to input this number so I am off the free edition and onto the edition that I paid for.

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Hi Martin,

I had to hide your license from your post since it is not really safe to show it to everyone :-)

I created a support ticket for you and we'll get back to you shortly.

In these cases, you should always uninstall Copernic Desktop Search from your old computer BEFORE installing on a new one or before rebuilding it from scratch. It will release your license this way. 

If you forgot to uninstall prior to your new install, you must contact support and they'll manually adjust your license to your new computer name!


I Have a new computer and tried to enter my key, told I couldn't

please fix this for me.

Hi John,

First thing you should do usually is to uninstall the Copernic Desktop Search from your old computer in order to release the license from it. 

If you aren't able to access your old computer anymore, you have to send us a ticket with the following informations :

  • Say that you need to reactivate on a new computer
  • Email used for the purchase
  • your old computer name (if you have it it can help us)

Then we will send you back an email when your license is ready to be registered on your new computer.

Hope it helps!


A few weeks ago I purchased a Copernic license and had it successfully installed on my computer. As of today, I have a new computer in use (the old one is no longer active) and have also disabled Copernic on the old computer.

However, the extension for Adobe, Word, Excel, etc. does not work. I get the message that the maximum amount of authentifications has been exceeded.

I will use Copernic exclusively on my new computer. How can I get this computer to be unlocked for this?

Thank you for your support

Hi Jan Olaf,

In this case you should contact us with a support ticket and let us know your license, old computer name and then the new computer name so we can match your license and reactivate it.


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