after it finds files and puts them into the list...

Posted over 2 years ago by Chris Mabry

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Chris Mabry

....on the main screen, how can you then access the files in that list and then either copy or move them to another folder? plz for the love of god tell me that this is possible.

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Chris Mabry posted over 2 years ago

oh, so to do a move you need to do your own delete. ok.

something else, re-installed today after i paid for the product, still see the "trial period expiring in 26 days" message. installed the key file and all such messages in the attached window went away, i assume this means my version is now fully functional?

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Larry Edwards posted over 2 years ago

The way I do it is:

1.  Select one or more entries, and right-click. Click either Copy of Cut (Cut is available if only if one file is selected I guess for safety).

2.  In your file manager program, open the destination folder and paste there.

3.  If you were wanting to Cut mutiple files, go back to Copernic CDS, right click those files (still shown as selected there) and click Delete.

4. Note that the CDS right-click menu also has, near the bottom, an Open Folder item. This will open your default file manager program to the folder containing a particular selected file.

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