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Kevin Ericson

There's a feature that's been needed for a long time. The last update I got to CDS unfortunately resulted in my having to do an uninstall/reinstall.

While I told CDS to save my profile, after the reinstall I found that I pretty much had to start over from scratch.

 Under "Advanced", I have tons and tons of custom extensions mostly items that indeed just text files and will index just fine.

Even just my selection of "Folders to index" is complicated. Do I index by a drive letter or do I index using a network UNC? It matters after my years of experience of trying to make the most efficient indexing strategy.

So my 'feature request' would be to have a "Save settings" button right in the "Options" section of the program.


- Kevin

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William T Brewer publiés environ 2 ans il y a

I've been a CDS user since Version 3. I'm now on v8 and still no backup for settings. I upgraded to V8 several days ago and I spent an hour keying in my settings. They lasted a day before being unexplainably wiped out. 

Why am I still a customer? I'm optimistic to the point of gullibility on some things. Desktop search is a great concept, but Copernic still hasn't got it figured out. CDS has been among my most disappointing applications for forty years, and I've been in information systems since the early seventies. 

And BTW, auto start on bootup in V8 doesn't work on my computer. 

Message to Copernic: Would love to love your application, but you're not helping.  

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Dirk Saeys publiés sur 2 ans il y a

This is really needed as I am also loosing the config regurarly. To be honest i am getting disappointed with this product. @Work we are using Ransack and I am very tempted to switch to this product as it as fast and supports regex searches and expressions  ... Is any of CDS development looking into this ?  If nothing changes I will will not pay the yearly fee  anymore at end of the term.

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Francois.dufresne publiés sur 2 ans il y a

These days, I am loosing the configuration file at least once per week.

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Tate Kelly publiés sur 2 ans il y a

 I echo the need for an easy backup of the configuration file.  Pretty basic functionality really.  I just lost my configuration and so now after years of custom modifications, I am having to redo it.  Not very happy about that.

The backup should be as easy as it is in Quicken and provide for multiple copies of the file.

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Francois Dufresne publiés presque 3 ans il y a

I am also having this ""Configuration could not be read" message".  Copernic should work harder to fix this issue.

I started many years ago using CDS and was plagued with bugs. I went a few year not using CDS because of this. They really should try to make CDS more reliable. This is bad for the product's reputation.


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Joe Urban publiés sur 3 ans il y a

I just had the dreaded  "Configuration could not be read" message. Support told me to reinstall and start from scratch.  I was able to use a backup of the files from 2 1/2 months ago - I simply deleted the entire Desktop Search folder and copied over from backup.  It will reindex the newer files.  Until Copernic fixes this issue suggest backing up this entire folder.  

Does anyone know if Copernic plans to fix this issue??

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Larry Edwards publiés sur 3 ans il y a

Phil and Paul, here is a trick to be able to use your current index after getting that error message of "Configuration could not be read. Copernic Desktop Search will continue to run but the settings will be reverted to the default configuration. The existing index will be erased."

Use (beforehand) the option in "Tools > Indexing & Performance" to change the location of the index to somewhere on a logical drive, instead of on C:.  (I have mine on the F: drive.)  If CDS forces a from-ground-zero re-indexing, after that process starts just change back to your existing index on the other drive, and in every case that index has continued to work perfectly for me.

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Paul Seligman publiés sur 3 ans il y a

Essential really. If this and a few other requested features were implemented I'd upgrade from my free (UI think, can't remember if I've paid)  Lite version to a paid version, but too much missing at present. I did backup the index folder and config files but when I restored them, they didn't seem to be used after a crash.....

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Larry Edwards publiés sur 3 ans il y a

This feature is very much needed.

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Phil St-Amour publiés sur 3 ans il y a

Hi Jochen and Kevin,

I recently had to reinstall CDS to a new PC and reselect all of the options. Importing the configuration would have been nice!

I have also had this error message a couple of times in the past: "Configuration could not be read. Copernic Desktop Search will continue to run but the settings will be reverted to the default configuration. The existing index will be erased." Again I had to reselect all of the options.

I support a feature request to export and import the configuration settings, ideally with the option to include or exclude email folders to index, file folders to index, file extensions, predefined searches, etc.

Cheers, Phil.

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Jochen Nothof publiés sur 3 ans il y a

Hello Kevin,

if you are able to read xml-files, you can save the config.xml and savedSearches.xml. After a reinstallation or if you want to give your configuration to a colleague edit these files and restart CDS. It's a lot easier and faster than doing it manually again and again...

But it's true, a function like "export and import configuration" would be awesome for every "normal" user. Mayby even with a dialog where you can choose what exactly to export and import (file extansions, locations, predefined searches, ...).

Best Regards,


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