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Publié sur 3 ans il y a par  Barry Demchak

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Barry Demchak

Hi ... this is a weird request, but makes sense when you think about it.

I have noticed that v7 has apps that search cloud storage. Fine.

It would be very handy to have a search for gmail messages separate from messages downloaded into Outlook/IMAP.

If I have a ton of older messages in gmail, I don't necessarily want them in my Outlook IMAP cache because the total storage could easily reach 100GB, which is a burden on the disk and also slows Outlook down.

So, for such e-mails, leaving them without labels (or with labels that aren't subscribed to) on gmail is perfect. It leaves seldom-used e-mails on gmail, where they're safe enough but don't impact client performance.

I still want to search them, though ... and right now, I have to go to to do that.

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Nick Moffitt publiés environ 2 mois il y a

I guess if you have workstation and google cloud and know programming at all it should be pretty simple to have all your emails automatically being stored in google cloud in realtime use the apis and then this could be easly connected and synced in realtime with google drive so it could technically index gmail like that right? I think I'm thinking about this right i don't see why it wouldn't work its not my main field of expertise but with a little help from gpt i think i can connect the apis together in google cloud and make it work. Was just thinking about it and I'm gonna try it now I guess. Would even have the benefit of leveraging LLMs in google cloud to help pre-sort and index content from gmail and other sources before sending it to google drive to get indexed by Copernic.

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Nick Moffitt publiés 3 mois il y a

There's really still no way to search gmail? That's crazy. So what we have to connect the gmail api to cloud storage and have them automatically syced to the cloud for them to be indexed?

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Lee Belbin publiés 9 mois il y a

I also wonder why the advertised best search product doesn't support one of the most common email services: gmail. I presume nothing has advanced on this? I can't see anything specific in the add-ons.

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marita schultze publiés sur un an il y a

I am the most happy Copernic search user - and with this feature, my world would be perfect. 

Thanks team Copernic for doing always an amazing job. 

Cheers from Switzerland


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Matthias Thorner

Matthias Thorner publiés sur un an il y a

Most of us check Gmail directly in a browser and not in a local Outlook or Thunderbird copy. This feature would reduce the local storage size significantly, as nobody wants to have 30.000 or more emails locally.


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Richard Driscoll publiés sur un an il y a

I also want like to search gmail  and contacts. Please 

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Con Klafas publiés environ 2 ans il y a

I would also like to search my gmails

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j publiés sur 2 ans il y a

This would be a great feature.  I have years and years of old gmails.  It would be great to search them rapidly.

Typical searches are for products that I've purchased or bills that have already been paid.


J Hine

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Kenny Kirkendall publiés sur 3 ans il y a

Excellent idea, and Barry's right.  If I can search cloud storage, I should be able to search Gmail. 

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