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Publié sur 2 ans il y a par  Barry Demchak

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Barry Demchak

Hi ... this is a weird request, but makes sense when you think about it.

I have noticed that v7 has apps that search cloud storage. Fine.

It would be very handy to have a search for gmail messages separate from messages downloaded into Outlook/IMAP.

If I have a ton of older messages in gmail, I don't necessarily want them in my Outlook IMAP cache because the total storage could easily reach 100GB, which is a burden on the disk and also slows Outlook down.

So, for such e-mails, leaving them without labels (or with labels that aren't subscribed to) on gmail is perfect. It leaves seldom-used e-mails on gmail, where they're safe enough but don't impact client performance.

I still want to search them, though ... and right now, I have to go to to do that.

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marita schultze publiés environ 1 mois il y a

I am the most happy Copernic search user - and with this feature, my world would be perfect. 

Thanks team Copernic for doing always an amazing job. 

Cheers from Switzerland


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Matthias Thorner

Matthias Thorner publiés 5 mois il y a

Most of us check Gmail directly in a browser and not in a local Outlook or Thunderbird copy. This feature would reduce the local storage size significantly, as nobody wants to have 30.000 or more emails locally.


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Richard Driscoll publiés 6 mois il y a

I also want like to search gmail  and contacts. Please 

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Con Klafas publiés 12 mois il y a

I would also like to search my gmails

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j publiés environ 1 an il y a

This would be a great feature.  I have years and years of old gmails.  It would be great to search them rapidly.

Typical searches are for products that I've purchased or bills that have already been paid.


J Hine

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Kenny Kirkendall publiés environ 2 ans il y a

Excellent idea, and Barry's right.  If I can search cloud storage, I should be able to search Gmail. 

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