Search with Boolean operator only within files, not including folder name

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Scott Brewer

 Hello all.  I'm trying to search all my files that have both the terms "Logocratic" and the term "proposition."  I try the search "Logocratic AND proposition" [I do NOT include the quotation marks] and I get a great many results for files that are within a folder whose title includes the word "Logocratic," and that term is highlighted in yellow in my search results, but the actual file does not contain that term.  How can I search for only files that have those two words, not also for files within a folder that has one or another of those words?  Thanks in advance.

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Jason Benjamin publiés sur 2 ans il y a

I am currently in my trial period. I want to use CDS to replace Evernote. I only use Evernote to easily retrieve scanned documents that have not been OCR'd. 

I can see how a search by folder could be helpful if folder structured is maintained. Coming from EN, the only thing important is the file itself. If there was a way to turn off searching the folder names, CDS would be an easy replacement. I love the idea of having my personal files stored locally.

Otherwise, Im liking the software but because of this issue, I am not sure if I will buy after the trial is over.

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Larry Edwards publiés presque 4 ans il y a

In early versions of CDS, the results pane showed folders containing the search term as items and they had a folder icon to identify them easily. I think files that contained the search term only in their parent pathnames were not listed. I miss this feature.

It would be nice to have a tick-box in the Refine pane:  Include Folder Names. If ticked, each folder matching the search term would be listed, but not if the term is part of its parent path.

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