Add Rename to the Windows options menu

Publié sur 3 ans il y a par  Paul Seligman

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Paul Seligman

Rename is missing from the Windows options (right-mouse) menu (CDS Lite).

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Thomas Rauner publiés 5 mois il y a

It would indeed be helpful to integrate basic file management functions (rename, copy, delete), with synchronous updating of the index concerning the edited files. Why?
The index search of CDS repeatedly finds differently named files in possibly different directories, which I would like to unify (copy to only one directory, match file names) to be able to recognize a connection (e.g. documentation history or different versions of files) even without indexing.
1) Unfortunately, within CDS, renaming can only be achieved via the properties dialog of a file. Batch and/or schematic renaming is not possible.
2) After renaming, the index of the file is not updated, so that the file can no longer be found within CDS until the next update of the index (for network drives possibly only days later).

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Luc G.

Luc G. publiés sur 3 ans il y a

CDS is a research tool and not a files management tool  

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