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OneDrive extension triggering massive automatic downloads

I actually hope this is a problem, or user error on my part, because I don't think I can use it if this is by design.  I have a large amount of files - many big - associated with my work Onedrive account.  I have Onedrive set to only pull them down when I open them, except for a few select directories I always need offline.  I understood that Copernic was using an API to index online files and that that's what I'm paying for in the extension, as if it can only index local files then the ones I need local are already there so why would I need the Onedrive extension?  Anyway, I'm hoping someone here can shed light on this for me, because I can't have Copernic downloading several hundred GB of files for no reason.

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Agreed--- I started seeing downloads from directories & files that were marked 'cloud only'.

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I'm having the same problem. It seems to have started with Version 8. Prior to this, OneDrive indexing worked perfectly. It looks like Version 8 wants the files on the local computer to index them, which defeats the entire object of having Outlook.

The only answer is to go back to the previous version until Copernic sorts this out.

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i have the same issue... i did not catch whether the files were marked 'cloud only' which I do not believe is the case.. 

Same problem for me, happens everytime they release a new update, full of bugs

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