one or more file source is currently unavailable

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Andreas Korntheuer

Hello team,

I get a message in the Copernic client header that "one or more file sources are currently unavailable".

How can I find out which file source this message belongs to?



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Amy Renaud

Amy Renaud publiés environ 1 mois il y a Administrateur

I see Tony from Technical Support responded privately but wanted to provide his advice to others that may have the same question: 

This was an old message and it's not usually supposed to show in the latest version of Copernic.

You will need to look in Tools > Options > Files to see if any drives were disconnected and remove it if it's not longer there.

If you're not using CDS 8.3.0, you can try our direct download link below to update.

CDS 8.3.0 64-bit:

CDS 8.3.0 32-bit:

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