Can I limit a search to a specific folder?

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Matthew Zirwas

Would like to be able to limit a search to specific folders - for example, I may have several similar files in different folders and I know the one I want is in a specific folder, so I only want the search to return the file that is in that folder.

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Noel Peberdy publiés 15 jours il y a

So I select "System Folder" and a word that I know is in the name of the folder I'm looking for - but all sorts of file types are listed, not just system folders. So I'm not able to search for a specific folder

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Larry Edwards publiés sur un an il y a

That's easy to do. Look for a search field in the left pane called System Folder. If you are in the All file types tab (row near the top) it should be there, or you can add it with the Add A Refinement feature if it's not. If you are in the tab for picture files, you may have to scroll to the bottom of the left pane (which has lots of search fields) to see the System Folders field.

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