How to Exclude Folder Names from the indexing process or from the Results Panel in a CDS Search?

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Paulo Castro Oliveira


When we do a search, as a standard, our main objective is to find a certain string in the names of files or included in their content and not in the Name of a Folder (with rare exceptions)!

I verify that in the CDS, doing a simple search, with a certain string, in the main search field, the CDS returns results for both Files and Folders.



Is there any simple way to:

i) do not index the Folder Name

or, ideally

ii) do a search where the results only return the File Name/Content?

(folder names are excluded!)

Thank you

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Amy Renaud

Amy Renaud publiés environ 1 mois il y a Administrateur

I see Tony from Technical Support responded via our ticketing system. I have copy/pasted his advice below: 

To only search in a filename, use the first example below in the main search of Copernic, and for file content only use the 2nd example below.

@filename =
(ex. @filename = house)

@content =
(ex. @content = chair)

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Paulo Castro Oliveira publiés environ 1 mois il y a

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