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Posted about 4 years ago by LUST & Partners Jacky d'Hoest

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LUST & Partners Jacky d'Hoest

Since my office365 updated to version 2003 build 12624.20520, e-mails are no longer indexed, e-mailboxes are no longer identified or found and all previous indexed e-mails are removed from the index.

I used before the fast native plug-in.

Because I got no support from the helpdesk, I tried to change the Outlook plug-in to see if this would solve the problem. It seems that only the Netoffice-plugin recognises the e-mailboxes, so it started to reindex everything but it is a 100 times slower than the native plug-in.

Can somebody assist in solving this issue ?

On the help pages there is nothing that can be found because the link to the help on this specific problem refers to a not existing page.

All help is welcome.


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LUST & Partners Jacky d'Hoest posted about 4 years ago

just got a new update for office 365. The version 2004 build 12730.20236 is now installed and I tried again the native plug-in and the problem is solved. My email boxes are again accessible for CDS and CDS is happily indexing again …


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