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Extension validation server down?

Just happened about an hour ago.  My extensions expire 2/2021 so not the issue.  i.e. Word docs etc can not find.  Have extensions says "active" but verification server down.  My internet is working fine on a cox gigablast service.

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I have this problem. I though it might be related to my doing a Microsoft Update shortly before it stopped working. But now I don't think that is the issue.

I have this problem,too.

No Microsoft update before mine went bad

This problem is only the latest of several  i have had with Copernic in the last two years or so after many years of being a satisfied customer.. Most of these  can be traced to the separate entitiy that deals with extensions  management (2CO). MAny billing problems and irregularities in account information have been increasingly frequent.. YOu need to give some major attention to this before old customers like myself jump ship (which I have been thinking is becoming necessary.


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I've had the same issue the last few days.

Well it started yesterday and re-importing my license gave me an email address to do an offline activation but the email address does not exist.

I am afraid there is something wrong at Copernic, should be fixed soon since it threatens me to delete everything from my index if I continue . For now Exit is the only feasible thing to do.

In short Shit. . .

Exactly the same here. I was just updating the Index, so now I have nothing. Needs sorting as a matter of urgency.

Same issue. Irritating and not a clear message or instruction what to do. If you happen to click "continue" your index will be cleaned. Nice!

Time to think about other indexing software. These problems and low number of updates of the software are becoming very annoying.

Same problem here.  It needs a fix - or at least a response from Copernic - soon please.

Same here. After restarting the software it works however for a while - and then the same problem again, very troublesome. Copernic: pls. fix soon!

Same issue, please fix it ASAP!

Same here from UK. Have already verified once - something broken at Copernic's end definitely

Same issue - and as noted earlier the message is not a clear  - if you click "continue" your index is cleaned - which has just happened to me.
I am a long time Copernic user - but you guys really need to lift your game if you want us to stick around.
You have a good product - which you seem to keep buggering up.
Any suggestions for a similar but more reliable replacement program?


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