CDS indexes plenty of types of files. All file types indexed by CDS are listed in the File types section in the Advanced Option tab. You can index new file types by adding them to this list.

To modify an existing file type:

    • In the Tools menu, click Options
    • Select the Advanced tab, File Types section.
    • Select the appropriate file type in the list.
    • Click Modify.
    • Modify the current File Type, Category or Indexing Action for the selected element.
    • Click anywhere in the list or press the Enter Key to validate the change.
    • Click Back to main view to save your changes.


FilesCategorizes the file into the Files search category.
MusicCategorizes the file into the Music search category.
PicturesCategorizes the file into the Pictures search category.
VideosCategorizes the file into the Videos search category.

Indexing Actions


File name onlyIndexes the name of the file, generic metadata (author, date modified, title) and its location on your computer. This option is recommended when you are not sure if content indexing is supported for a given type of file.
Document contentScans the entire document, indexes the text contents in addition to the file name, metadata and location of the file on your computer.