(RESOLVED) Copernic license authentication server down / Serveur d'authentification des licences en panne

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Mirco Persechino

EDIT: Problem is now resolved / Le problème est désormais résolu.

Hi fellow users!

Apparently, we have an issue with our registration server right now (looks like it started yesterday april 6th, 2020) which is causing problems with online authentication and offline activations too.

If you have that problem authenticating your license, please don't submit a ticket as we already received hundreds and we are aware of the issue.

We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience and I wanted to let you know our technical support is currently working hard in order to resolve this issue.

We'll let you know as soon as possible when situation is back to normal so you can retry your authentication online. If problem still persist, then you'll be welcome to submit a ticket for that matter.

Thanks very much for your understanding. I'll stay in touch to keep you updated!


Bonjour chers utilisateurs!


Il semble que nous ayons un problème actuellement avec le serveur d'authentification des licences en ce moment (Cela semble avoir débuté hier soir). Ce qui cause des problème à activer des licences en ligne ou hors ligne.


Si vous avez ce problème, svp n'envoyez pas de ticket pour cela puisque nous avons déjà reçu plus d'une centaine à cet effet et sommes conscients de la problématique.

Nous sommes désolés pour les inconvénients que cela peut vous causer et je voulais vous faire savoir que notre équipe de support technique travaille activement à résoudre le problème.

Nous vous ferons savoir dès que possible lorsque la situation sera revenue à la normale pour que vous puissiez réessayer l'authentification. Si le problème persiste, vous pourrez nous réécrire à ce sujet sans problème.

Merci de votre compréhension. Je vous tiens informé.


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Patrick PORTEJOIE publiés presque 4 ans il y a


Ne trouvant pas mon message pour le même problème...

Un p'tit messsage de remierciement au support pour l'avoir réglé...

Encore Merci @ vous...


Not finding my post for the same problem ...
A small message of thanks to the support for having settled it ...
Thank you again @ you ...

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sergio bojanovski publiés environ 4 ans il y a

Bom dia!

Tambem estou com este problema, meu indice é enorme e estou com medo de perde-lo pois isto já aconteceu este ano duas vezes, comprei a licença por 3 anos para não ter problemas de toda hora ficar atualizando, contudo, agora fica pedindo para comprar ou licença, é um absurdo e o sistema desconfigura e perde os indices. E pensar que indiquei este software para muitos amigos....

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Alban Motsepe publiés environ 4 ans il y a

Thank you, Olivier. Will you pls let me know when it is back up? Thanks again.

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Olivier AULNETTE publiés environ 4 ans il y a

Same issue, same day 12 may 2020. You're not alone Alban.
For now, CDS is out, don't want to lose Database.
Wainting for a fix.
Thx for your effort.

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Alban Motsepe publiés environ 4 ans il y a


My problem with the authentication server only started fore the first time yesterday (ie 12 May 2020). I don't know if this has already been reported or if I am the only one affected. I have a very large index and I would not want to lose it. Please assist. Thank you.

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Mirco Persechino publiés environ 4 ans il y a

Hi Martin,

Thanks for letting us know about this. However, since this is a very specific issue with your orders, i suggest not to post any personal informations about orders on the forum. I went ahead and created a support ticket for you about it and we'll get in touch with you shortly. Thanks.

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martin rembisz publiés environ 4 ans il y a

Invoice # (Masked)

order no: (Masked)


impossible  to open or find   lisc file from where it's supposed to be

pdf link  that cannot be opened   from outlook  Hotmail or gmail.

the third party secure 2co. support is useless  and the way the file is imbedded in an email cannot be opened.  I've had several downloads from  2 co and after this is fixed I will not buy another download if they are associated with it.

I purchased Copernic in February and ran out of downloads.  Had to purchase another copernic liscence.

I purchased the down load again in april  an have more problems than before.

Your assistance in a timely manner would be  greatly appreciated.

thanking you in advance for your assistance

Showing at limit for indexing  free  trial reached have been a customer since 2015.  


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Mirco Persechino publiés environ 4 ans il y a

Hi Maurizio,

I'm really sorry to hear that. It must be a different problem because most of the people that contacted us yesterday about it answered back that the issue was resolved with the server getting back online. So I went ahead and reactivated your support ticket and we'll be in touch shortly to resolve this with you.

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Maurizio Danese publiés environ 4 ans il y a

No, sorry it doesn't work still.

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Mirco Persechino publiés environ 4 ans il y a

Thanks everyone for your patience! The issue is now resolved. You should now be able to activate your licenses normally. If you had the issue, please retry.

If the issue still persist, do not hesitate to send us a ticket about it!


Merci à tous pour votre patience! Le problème est maintenant résolu. Vous devriez maintenant pouvoir activer vos licences normalement. Si vous aviez eu un problème, svp bien vouloir réessayer de nouveau. Si un problème persiste, n'hésitez pas à nous envoyer un billet d'assistance!

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Sabine Bergengruen publiés environ 4 ans il y a

I have the same problem


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