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Publié sur 2 ans par  Phil St-Amour

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Phil St-Amour

It would be useful to have: the ability to update the index for a specific folder with the option to include its sub-folders. Maybe this could be included in the menu that pops up on a right click of the folder in the Windows File Explorer (below)?

I am using Windows 10.


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Nicholas Deinhardt publiés presque 2 ans

I also believe this would be a good  feature.

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MARK LYNAM publiés environ 2 ans

Plus one.

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Brian L Dole

Brian L Dole publiés environ 2 ans

Yes. Desirable feature.

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Guido von Gösseln publiés environ 2 ans

I just want to add "my support" for this idea. It´s really a feature that i am missing.

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Tomasz Gołaszewski publiés sur 2 ans

Copernic development is very static ...

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Larry Edwards publiés sur 2 ans

Yes!  I have asked for this "right-click to update folder" feature several times before, over the years I have been using CDS.

I only today discovered the "Index Priority" setting for specific folders. That's nice to have and helps somewhat, but it's insufficient with respect to this feature request because: (1)  the priority doesn't take effect until a new index update is performed, and (2) it isn't instantaneous.

What's needed in a right-click feature is for it to immediately suspend whatever indexing is being preformed (either the initial indexing or an update), jumping that queue, and for that prior indexing to be resumed after the specifically requested indexing has been completed.

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Tomasz Gołaszewski publiés sur 2 ans

it would be great

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