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Publié sur 3 ans il y a par  Guido von Gösseln

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Guido von Gösseln

I want to suggest to support the E-Mail client emClient. Would be very supportive to have this as an Add-On.

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Lance Williamson publiés 5 mois il y a

Outlook just keeps stuffing up.  I have moved to em client and the only thing I miss is Copernic indexing of my emails.  Support for an EM Client plugin/similar would be great.

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Sergei Shir publiés presque 3 ans il y a

 I also vote for support of the eM Client


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Richard Parenteau publiés presque 3 ans il y a

Hi, I also use em client and would like to chip in some $$ to encourage adding it to your priority list.  Please contact me to discuss further and see if we can make this happen.  I also used to be a Thunderbird user but moved on when support stopped.

Warm regards, Rich

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TI SA publiés environ 3 ans il y a

Yes I use also EMClient migrated 6 month ago.

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Nicolas publiés environ 3 ans il y a

To all, no chance that e get any support with EmClient : below is the answer of the customer support received today :

Hi Nicolas,


 I'm back with the answer from R&D.

 Unfortunately no, there is no plan to add support for this mailer yet.  Currently supported mailers are Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Best regards,




Product Specialist

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Roger Haydon publiés environ 3 ans il y a

I stopped using Outlook long ago because it doesn't have an integrated inbox and needs additional apps/plugins to work with google Calendar etc.  Em Client does all these things without any plugins plus other stuff. So, yes, a Copernic plugin would be really welcome.  Any chance?

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Nicolas publiés environ 3 ans il y a

Hello, Yes I am also looking for support with Emclient as mail client in Copernic. 

I believe mail structure is similar than Thunderbird from what I know.  I am testinf Copernic roght now, but Emclient support is the key to buy it (I need 2 pro licences.

Waiting for your reply.

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Robert Joseph Sims publiés environ 3 ans il y a

I am and I use eM Client and would love for you to support a plug-in!!

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Mirco Persechino publiés sur 3 ans il y a

Hi Guido,

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll pass it along to our dev. team!

Any other users with that email client on the forum? Let us know! :-)

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