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How can I search an exact phrase with copernic?


How can I search an exact phrase with copernic?

For example: " activate your account now and select " 

only the exact phrase not the individual words!


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Put the search term in quotes, to search for the exact phrase. If the phrase is not in quotes CDS will search for all of the words in the phrase.

You may also find this list useful for other kinds of searches:

I'm sorry but I have the exact same question and the answer given is no solution.
Being an Copernic DTS user since many years I now note that enclosing a string in quotation marks, like "H4 ", in my case does note get the expected precise hits. In fact 12501 e-mail hits instead of expected handful.
I think this essential search ability has been broken... Please fix Copernic!

It works for me.   But I'm searching only in documents (my email program, TheBat!, is not supported in CDS). So is problem you are describing limited only to search results for emails?

 Indeed. My problem seems to be related to search among indexed Outlook emails (from several different accounts). Search for the phrase "H4" or "H4 " gives exactly the same number of hits. The hits of FILES are relevant and as expected but the mail hits does not make sense even though I can find the expected hits within the hit result.

I can't find the file describing how this works, but to the best of my recollection CDS ignores all punctuation and space character both when indexing and when doing a search, and is case insensitive.

That makes sense Larry. However in my case the search for the sought string gives a useless result  due to a vast number of 'false positives', many many times the expected number of hits among MAIL. But the hits among files is relevant and expected. Obviously there seems to be a difference in either indexing or search between files and mail.

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