Index Status pane, in new version 8.2.0

Publié 7 mois il y a par  Larry Edwards

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Larry Edwards

 First, thanks for all the improvements and fixes in the new version (8.2.0); several of those are really important to me.

There is one problem I hope you can fix. In the View > Index Status pane, the view is no longer moved to the new current item being scanned or indexed. The view stays on the item it was on, and new items are added above it - out of sight as the more and more files are indexed. This make monitoring current activity practically impossible.

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Maurice Pitot publiés 6 mois il y a

The problem has apparently been fixed by the latest update (8.2.1).

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Larry Edwards publiés 6 mois il y a

Bingo! Thanks for the heads up, Maurice. And thanks Copernic for the fast fix.

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Maurice Pitot publiés 7 mois il y a

I have the same problem but it started occurring a few weeks ago, long before 8.2.0 was released. I have not been able to link the problem to any Windows update or change in another software.

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