Menu display issue - unable to select from menu

Publié environ 2 mois il y a par  Alan Cooke

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Alan Cooke

I am using the latest update and I find that when click any of the toolbar menu the drop down options vanish as soon as I cursor down to select one.  The odd thing is that as I leave the menu item all the choices vanish but as the mouse is over where an option would be it appears and the disappears as I proceed down.  Problem is that none are clickable as I do this.  This anomaly only occurs in Copernic.

Any ideas?

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Alan Cooke publiés environ 2 mois il y a

Thank you, I will report as a bug to AMD via their software

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Amy Renaud

Amy Renaud publiés environ 2 mois il y a Administrateur

I see Tony from Technical Support responded via our ticketing system but wanted to share his response here should it help others: 

This is a GUI refresh problem related to a probable bug in the video drivers.
The USB-C displays normally do not rely on the dedicated GPU, they use the embedded video processor of the CPU, so this is probably why it only occurs on the main laptop screen.
Unfortunately, the only solution here is waiting for a driver fix from AMD. 

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