Program opens as a black screen at start

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Antero Koivisto

When the program is started its window is black. Aftern minimising to the taskbar and re-opening the window content will be OK. Subsecuent close and open work fine. This also appears after Windows 11 refresh and Copernic re-install. GPU SW Adrenalin latest 24.1.1.

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Amy Renaud

Amy Renaud publiés environ 1 mois il y a Administrateur

I see Tony from Technical Support responded to this privately via our ticketing system. I wanted to share his response here in order to help others with the same experience: 

 This is usually caused when your video card drivers or windows updates are not fully up to date. Are you using the latest video card drivers?

 Subsequent tickets indicated it has not occurred often since reinstalling the Graphics driver and Copernic so cannot confirm whether this is the cause. 

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