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Invalid License Keys

 On booting my computer I get a panel that says 'Invalid License Keys'.  As I have recently renewed my subscription, I import the saved .lic file and the panel goes away, only to reappear next time I boot.  what is happening?

Hi Julian,

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I would recommend not to post any attachment with your personal informations on the forum as it could be used against your will. So I went forward and removed the attachment from your post.

A support ticket has been created to help you with this issue and we'll get in touch shortly to solve your problem.

On renewals, licenses are sometimes modified so you'll need to make sure to import the latest licenses for your Copernic Desktop Search.

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Same with me here (Windows 10). The new license file is already stored under 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Copernic\DesktopSearch\x64\license\licenseKeys.lic

from where I have to reimport the license after every reboot. This is somewhat annoying and I am looking forward to a solution...

Hi Frank,

Apparently, we have an issue with our registration server right now which is causing problems with online authentication and offline activations too.
We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience and I wanted to let you know our technical support is currently working hard in order to resolve this issue.

We'll let you know as soon as possible when situation is back to normal so you can retry your authentication online.

If problem still persist after, I'll suggest to contact us through a ticket so we can dig further into this issue with you.

Thanks very much for your understanding. I'll stay in touch to keep you updated!
Kind regards,

Hi Max,  We've been having similar issues with the server editions clients. We've paid for nine seats for the client version but only 1 key is working.   

Is the registration server still an issue?

I have a support ticket in but I've not had much success so far and my colleagues have been unable to search our server.  I'm the fortunate one with the working client key...



I have exactly the same problem. The error message also states "use the renew link to update"...but there is no "renew link on the error message. Where is it? I have no issue in you protecting your product (a very good product), but not at the cost of annoying your customers that may dread (like me) that they may have to uninstall and resinstall (in my case I have over 400,000 documents indexed so it takes a few days to do that).

Please correct this glitch as this software is expensive enough to expect not to be disturbed by protective measures.

Kind regards

same issue on my side - please advice 


لدي المشكلة الأخيرة ذاتها .. أرجو الحل سريعا

Me too

My license key is not accepted 



I continue to get an expired or invalid license message every couple weeks which means I have to re-index. This is very inconvenient. My licenses are all valid until April of 2021. I have sent several e-mails to this effect and have received no answers. I attach the most recent message which refers to Microsoft extensions. Other messages refer to all of the extensions for which I have valid licenses.


My problem seemed to be solved by uninstalling Copernic, deleting the whole index (while leaving the custom settings like which files and drives to index on the computer), downloading the newest version als "trial" from the website and activating it with my license keys. Then of course you have to reindex everything, which takes around 3 - 4 days in my configuration with about half a milion files. I have been using Copernic for 2 weeks now without re-entering my registration keys - hopefully it stays that way...

how is this situation resolved? thanks

works perfect for me - no more issues - same process like Frank B. recommended 

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