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Excessive Memory and CPU use in Copernic Desktop Search

 During the last week I am experiencing excessive CPU and memory use from the Copernic Plugins service (Copernic.Plugins.PluginsService.exe - V7.1.2.13483). It commands up to or more of 50% of CPU, rises above 24.5GB of private bytes of memory with a 10.5GB working set (16GB physical memory, Windows 10, Intel i7 CPU. Windows is unsuccessfully trying to recover memory as the process is continually in contention with the Memory Compression agent.  In effect Copernic is swamping my PC

I've wound down indexing performance to "restricted" and re-started/rebooted but it makes no difference.

The main index is essentially complete and only being updated (currently 757,847 indexed documents)

A PC reboot is a temporary fix, but after 5-6 hours the problem returns.

Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this, or how to fix it?

I am having the same problem so I am interested in a possible solution.

Copernic support have helped me to pin this down to a large (20Mb) granulated PDF file in a Dropbox folder that is being indexed (you can check this by selecting "View"-"Indexing Status" in the main CDS window. What is not clear is why a 20MEGAbyte file should required a (currently) 20 GIGAbyte process memory (working set) to process, and why that memory is not released once the file indexing is complete (it took about 3 hours).

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