You can choose the time of the day where all categories will be updated depending of their daily refresh interval. If the refresh interval is in minutes or hours, the option "Perform daily indexing task" will not be taken into account. By default, the daily indexing task is carried out at midnight (00:00). This field is in 24 hours format.

Set the  daily indexing task execution hour:

    • In the Tools menu, click Options...
    • Select the Indexing & Performance tab.
    • In the Schedule section, select the textbox for Perform daily indexing tasks.
    • Set the desired hours in 24 hours format.
    • Click on Back to main view to save your changes.

Important: CDS needs to run to carry out an index update, just minimize it to the system tray. If CDS or the computer is closed at the time of the update, the update will not take place. Upon restarting, CDS will verify whether it missed an automatic update and if it did, it will carry out the update immediately.