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Publié environ 4 ans il y a par  Brian Tees

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Brian Tees

Have used Copernic for years. I'm an estate planning attorney, so one of my most common searches is to put the word "Will" in the "Filename" refinement when doing a search under Files. This has worked fine for as long as I have used Copernic, but since the most-recent update, this is broken.

Copernic's index has 297,877 files. If I search by "Will" as filename, it brings up all 297,877 files.

Please fix this (or let me know how to fix this on my end), this makes the program unusable for me.


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Brian Tees publiés environ 1 mois il y a

Was never resolved before I switched to X1 a few years ago. Much better product. Highly recommend over Copernic.

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Michael Alicea publiés environ 1 mois il y a

Did this ever get resolved or is there a workaround. Having same issue.

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LUST & Partners Jacky d'Hoest publiés sur 3 ans il y a

Same result here. I have 1.258.658 indexed documents and the result after searching for "will" is the same number.

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Brian Tees publiés sur 3 ans il y a

Just wanted to follow up on this. I've used Coprnic for many years and have recommend the program to many people, but I just switched to X1 because I am so frustrated with this issue.  This has nothing to do with my side of things and was introduced with an update on your end. Essentially made the program unusable for me. With X1, I can search once again with "Will" as the file name and actually find the results I need.

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