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since update indexing impossible

Copernic Desktop search suggested me last week to do an reindexing (because the method would be improved).

As of that moment the indexing has stopped completely.

I have version 8.0.0 (build 14328).

Can someone please tell me how to get it to work again?

Can I downgrade to an older version?

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make sure you have net. version 4.8, you can google how to check registery key, but if you keep windows updated, you should have it.

But my version 8 halted indexing at 1.8 million after successfully compressing index, when i cam up stairs just now, it was two hours since index was compressed and no activity. I had to exit the program and restart it to kick it to continue indexing, i have ~ 3.4 million items but it says at 17%



I checked but I have the 4.8 version already.

Yesterday at 9 pm it said compressing index - this morning no change.

I exited the program, and it says inactive (nothing to index - it has only checked 6.000 files instead of 500.000 files)...

Very frustrating.

Yesterday I deleted a couple of time the index folder in order to get a new index, but it did not work.

Can someone please tell me how I can downgrade again?

I'm having similar issues, CDS 8.0 just stops indexing. Killing all the CDS services and restaring the app does restart the indexing but not for long.

I had the totally stalled issue again this am at ten am, it tried but could not load the crash report. It the crashed, after all the services were gone from task mngr i restarted and it started the indexing of initial time from where it stopped but this is now third time.I am trying to get indexing done and have it on unrestricted so it grabs resources and using laptop for other work.

I've opened a ticket @ copernic but uptil now they are saying that it could be slow etc depending on hardware disk ... Not possible at my end , a 24 core system with SSD firecuda's
They asked to clear the queue in appdata dir, I've delete both index  & queue to be sure that we had clean index files

This morning the index was halted, stuck or hangs after 108.000-ich files indexed, last file indexed is a .h file of 29 bytes.

Waiting on there response, keep you posted.

I updated both my PCs to V8.  One updated the index completely at the first attempt.  The other keeps stalling and will not index properly.

Can anyone tell me how to get and reinstall the previous version until Copernic resolve the bug in V8?

Good morning all,

same problem here. Indexing stops after a few minutes. 

Closing the program don´t work. The tasks are still running in background. Killing the tasks and restart of Copernic works only for about 5 minutes. Then indexing stops.

net framework 4,8 is running on my machine.



Hello everyone.

Same problem.

I am testing the trial version and have already restarted the computer several times not knowing what the problem is.

Indeed, indexing begins and then everything hangs.

Hope for a quick update to do my test.

Thanks for the information




Hi everyone,

Same problem. The work-around suggested by CDS support (deleting the queue and index files and restarting the index process) does not help. I contacted support again yesterday. No reply so far.



Same problem with initial indexing - the program just hangs after some time.

need to delete all occurrences through task manager and restart...

why is there no answer from developpers?

I used to use X1 and they would answer quite shortly.

Hi everyone,

I uninstalled CDS, removed all files from hard disk that were created by CDS, rebooted the computer and re-installed CDS. After the license files had been read in, the indexing process was successfully completed. I thought this might help some of those with similar issues, although I think the developers could have warned us of something like this to happen.



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How did you obtain another copy of V8 to install?

I can't find it on the Copernic website and I have accidentally deleted the email with the update link after I ran the update.

Just download the trial version from the Copernic website and have it read in your license(s). After licensing the trial version, it turns into a full version.

I created a new email and then could download a trial version and import my licence key to activate it.

Unfortunately, the same problem is still there.  Each time I follow Copernic's Help Desk advice to delete the queue, scanning restarts, but only runs for about 2 minutes before stopping.

I might get version 7 from Copernic and go back to that until they sort out the problems with this upgrade.

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