You can search for documents with specific file types. If you are looking for a specific extension then we suggest to use the file type field in the Refine search section. If you are looking for more than one specific file types then you need to use fielded search operators.

In that case, the needed fielded search operator is @extension.

Sample queries (typed in the general search field):

  1. @extension=pdf OR @extension=doc  (This query allows you to find all MS Word or PDF documents in the Files category.)
  2. vacation (@extension=jpg OR @extension=ppt) Or Vacation AND ((@extension=jpg OR @extension=ppt)

These two queries allow you to find JPEG pictures or MS Powerpoint presentations that contain the word vacation in either their file names, content or file metadata (title, comment, etc.).

IMPORTANT: Since CDS interprets query spaces like AND operators, it is important to specify the OR operator between each @extension operator you type. Multiple @extension separated by AND operators won't return any result as each file only has one extension.