The thunderbird icon is not displayed or grayed out in CDS emails optionsWhen Thunderbird is not recognized, you may try to exit both Copernic Desktop Search and thunderbird, then reopen thunderbird first and Copernic Desktop Search after.

If problem persist, here are the most frequent reasons :

  • 1) The Thunderbird profile may be too old and/or corrupted:
    Your profile may have been created with an old thunderbird version then upgraded when Thunderbird is updated. These upgrades may cause incompatibility with CDS over the time as the profile sometimes gets modified in its structure.
    We suggest to try with a new profile: - Create a new thunderbird profile and configure your mailboxes in this new profile (you can save or delete the old one). - Once done, exit thunderbird again and restart your computer. - Open Copernic Desktop Search in options > Emails > and select the folders you need to index then click on "back to main view". - Copernic Desktop Search should automatically start to index new profile. If it is not, use Tools menu > Update index > Emails. If you have any technical needs with thunderbird, we suggest a quick search on the web for "how to transfer data from an old thunderbird profile to a new one". This link may be helpful:

  • 2) The Windows user session may have a special character. We do not recommend using special characters in your Windows username. To resolve this issue, we recommend creating a new Windows user account without accent or special characters, then moving all your files in this new account.